Saturday, November 21, 2009

Many, many events for Saturday Nov 21 (today)

So it's Saturday November 21, and guess what? There's tons of stuff to do. I will highlight 3 events in 3 separate entries, starting with the first one here.

Given that the holiday season is fast approaching with Thanksgiving being less that 10 days away and all.. you might be wondering about gifts... gift giving, receiving, making, ..etc.

At today's Score! event you can trade in all your no longer needed/wanted items in for something more desirable.. all for free and also while helping City Harvest (a non-profit organization that works on food/hunger issues). So.. you can't believe your eyes right? Free stuff exchange? How does it happen?

Here are the details:

- 3rd Ward is providing the space (

-Score! is providing the organization and logistical support (

- You, along with everyone else, bring things that you would like to donate/get rid of

-You, along with everyone else, get a chance to score things you like/need

- Charity component: bring $3 to pay as your "admission", this money goes directly to City Harvest. You can also purchase a specially designed tote bag for $5, which again goes to City Harvest.

That's it.

To RSVP and for more info visit

Oh and the word from the Score twitter feed is: if you've got extra hangers-- bring them.

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